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The iSheriff Email Security Service is a cloud-based anti-spam, email security and archiving solution. It rids your organization's incoming email of spam, while securing your network and data against malware, sophisticated blended threats, unwanted content and data leakage.

Threat Protection
Multi-layered protection against threats of malware and spam, to ensure the continuous integrity of your network and data.

Data Leak Prevention
Control the distribution of confidential information and ensure compliance with data security policies and regulations.

Compliance Enforcement
Easily define and enforce email usage policies, with comprehensive alerting and forensic compliance reporting capabilities.

Email Archiving
iSheriff’s cloud-based email archiving service dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of email retention and e-discovery.

iSheriff Email Security is a cloud-based anti-spam and email threat protection service. It rids your organization’s email of spam, providing a clean email connection and secures against viruses, blended threats, unwanted content and confidential data leakage.

Why do I need Email Security?

Email is the default business communication standard. Yet despite its maturity it is fraught with security weaknesses and plagued with threats such as spam, phishing and malware. Spam and phishing have undoubtedly been the biggest negatives for email. Spam volume has more than doubled since 2008 and continues to worsen. Spam has long been the attack vector of choice for hackers and criminals and now they have expanded the assault on your email via botnets, fake anti-virus programs and blended threats.

Incoming email threats are not the only concern. Your organization may be exposed to intentional and unintentional security risk from within. Most organizations place special significance on their commercially sensitive and private data which is susceptible to leakage via email. As email is widely considered to be electronic letterhead, the conduct of your employees when using email reflects directly on your business. You need to be certain that email use is safe, secure, productive and appropriate.

The Many Advantages of iSheriff Cloud Security

iSheriff provides your organization with a secure and protected email connection that yields additional advantages that complement traditional security solutions:

  • Instant Deployment – connect to the service and you’re immediately up and running.
  • No Upfront Expenditure – no need to purchase capital and no obsolete hardware.
  • Fixed Costs To Suit Any Budget – iSheriff security service subscriptions start from just USD $0.09 cents per user a day.
  • Enterprise-Class Security – you gain the benefit of top email and Web security infrastructure thanks to economies of scale.
  • The Experts Work For You – your email traffic is managed 24/7 by Internet security experts and modelled against other networks to detect traffic anomalies.
  • Save Bandwidth And Resources – iSheriff virtually eliminates spam and associated costs
  • Strength In Numbers – you gain the shared benefits of being part of a larger security community.
  • Zero Administration - No tedious upgrades, no maintenance requirements; you always have the latest and best protection.

Features and Benefits:

Key Features

iSheriff Email Security enables comprehensive protection yet is simple and easy to use. Our services target a range of email threats and security concerns:

  • Spam & Phishing – utilizing a layered approach, iSheriff employs the latest range of antispam technologies including IP reputation and real-time content analysis to detect and block spam in the cloud, before your email gateway even receives it.
  • Anti-Virus & Blended Threats – detects and blocks virus attachments and malware, including malicious URL links, ensuring that your organization is protected against the full range of threats which can infect your network via email.
  • Inbound & Outbound Policy Compliance – manage email content including text and file attachments. Block profanity, oversize messages and easily apply any compliance policies you require with the benefit of dynamic content analysis and message classification.
  • Data Leakage Prevention – secure the wealth of intellectual property and sensitive data that traverses your organization via email. With iSheriff, you can define sensitive file types or keywords and control the distribution of this material outside of your organization.
  • Security & Compliance Reporting – access useful and easy to understand reports on spam, threats and your overall email usage. Graphical summaries are provided as well as in-depth reports to help you investigate specific events or user activity. You can run reports by address, file type, and threat category across a wide range of time periods. iSheriff reports allow you to measure the real benefits of Email Security and demonstrate the return on your dollar.
  • Directory Synchronization – iSheriff provides automated user account directory synchronization to streamline administration and save you time and effort. iSheriff supports all common directory formats including Active Directory and LDAP.

Features & Benefits

Multi-layered protection to maximize spam blockage, and minimize false positives.

Blended Threat Protection
Blocks malware-laden emails and attachments, ensuring that your organization is protected against the full range of threats.

Inbound/outbound Policy Compliance
iSheriff inspects both inbound and outbound messages, providing real-time content analysis and ensuring policy compliance.

Directory Integration
Simple integration with major directory services, such as Active Directory, make it easy to set up and maintain user accounts and authentication.

Cloud-based Email Archiving
Fully-automated capture of all email communications, real-time access to archived email for compliance requirements and internal discovery needs.

Data Leakage Prevention
Control the distribution of confidential information and ensure compliance with data security policies and regulations.

Security & Policy Compliance Reporting
Extensive and easy-to-understand canned reports and graphs covering spam, threats and email usage, in addition to granular and customizable forensic reporting.


Email Threat Protection

The iSheriff Email Security Service provides sophisticated protection against the latest blended security threats. The service employs a multi-layered approach to assess all aspects of a message's security and ensure the integrity of your network and your data.

Malware And Threat Prevention

iSheriff email threat detection technologies include:

  • Anti-phishing filters
  • IP reputation filtering
  • Anti-malware scanning using multiple cloud engines
  • Behavioral analysis of suspect attachments
  • Extraction and classification of embedded URLs to control the distribution of malicious links
  • Examination of message header and body to reveal format inconsistencies


The service utilizes a multi-layered approach to maximize anti-spam effectiveness, while minimizing false positives:

  • Real-time message content analysis
  • Sender ‘grey-listing' to ensure messages from trusted contacts are not falsely blocked as spam
  • Dynamic content modeling to detect the latest spam
  • Proprietary spam signatures

The key benefit of a cloud-based anti-spam protection is that we only deliver your legitimate business email and block spam before you receive it – providing substantial savings on bandwidth, resources and time. You can also access your quarantined messages via a secure Web console and release any message that you wish to receive.

Data Leakage Prevention

iSheriff Email Security provides powerful and comprehensive Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) capabilities. iSheriff DLP technology allows for multiple conditions and data types, enabling your organization to define confidential information, authorized users, and appropriate distribution policies for sensitive data.

DLP Capabilities Include:

  • Enforce appropriate handling of customer, patient and user data, such as social security numbers, credit card numbers or other personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Group-based policy privileges
  • Authorized recipient lists or approved domains
  • On-the-fly detection of sensitive and restricted file types
  • Confidential data analysis in a range of languages
  • Mixed data handling conditions, enabling sophisticated policy enforcement and regulatory compliance for handling of private data
  • A range of user authentication systems such as Active Directory, LDPA and IP address

Compliance Enforcement

iSheriff Email Security provides powerful and comprehensive compliance enforcement capabilities, enabling you to easily define and enforce policies.

iSheriff Email Security enables you to simply and easily define email usage policies.

  • Regulatory Compliance (SOX, HIPPA, PCI etc.)
  • Corporate security policy
  • Block offensive email content
  • Control distribution of sensitive content
  • Enforce acceptable use standards

Actively enforce policy compliance and control email content.

  • Automatic policy enforcement
  • Comprehensive and highly versatile usage policies
  • Eliminate attempts to circumvent policy

iSheriff provides sophisticated technologies to ensure policy compliance, as well as useful and appropriate notification systems to advise your organization of policy breaches or non-compliance situations.

  • Notification of policy breaches
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Monitor in-bound & out-bound email

iSheriff provides easy-to-use tools for detailed analysis of email usage and reporting on policy compliance.

  • User-level forensic analysis
  • File attachment reports
  • Security reporting
  • Custom reporting

Email Archiving

iSheriff Email Archiving reduces the complexity of email retention by providing a hassle-free, cloud-based archiving and retention solution for organizations of all sizes. When deployed in conjunction with the iSheriff Email Security suite, you can remain confident that your email archive is free of spam, and secure against malware, blended threats, unwanted content and data leakage.

Low-touch. Hassle-free.
Archiving your email in the cloud allows you to reduce the strain on onsite resources, both in terms of storage capacity and human resources needed to manage the effort. Also, as there is no hardware to procure and deploy or updates to maintain, this is the perfect solution for those organizations looking to streamline their IT operations.

Tamperproof Storage
Our integrated data security and encryption capabilities prevent message tampering; reduce legal liabilities associated with missing or altered communications; and provide the “proof-positive” compliance reporting that your organization requires.

Compliance Reporting
iSheriff Email Archiving was designed with compliance in mind, to ensure customer compliance with a wide range of data retention mandates. The efficient response to e-discovery requests is also of critical importance, with a full audit trail of messages sent and received.

Search & Discovery
iSheriff Email Archiving expedites finding specific messages for compliance and e-discovery purposes. You can easily access and view a single message, or a larger set of related messages, in seconds.


Download the iSheriff Email Security Datasheet (PDF).


iSheriff Products
iSheriff Email Security
iSheriff Email Security
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