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iSheriff Cloud Security blocks today’s complex attacks in the cloud, before they reach your network or devices, by integrating advanced anti-malware, web filtering, and email protection in a single, unified solution.

iSheriff Cloud Security provides better cyber-security protection that is much easier to manage. With iSheriff you can replace your older security "point products" to take advantage of the massive computing resources and flexibility of the cloud. All your security policies can be managed in a single console, and all your security is kept up to date, on all your devices. Delivered as a SaaS solution, iSheriff makes adding users and devices easy, and requires no hardware or software to install, operate, maintain, or upgrade. That’s why iSheriff Cloud Security has been called “ahead of its competitors” by SC Magazine.

More Scalable
We give you the power of massive data-center resources and real-time security analytics to protect all your devices, and we can scale from protecting just a few endpoints in one location to thousands of Internet-enabled devices across your organization.

More Powerful
Our platform integrates advanced real-time anti-malware, secure web filtering, and email protection to identify and block today’s complex attacks in the cloud, before they ever reach your network or devices.

More Pervasive
iSheriff protects all traffic, all users and all devices - wherever they happen to be and however they happen to be connected to the Internet; there are no security or compliance gaps.

More Cost Effective
iSheriff is a SaaS platform, so there is no hardware or software to install, operate, maintain, or upgrade - IT resources can focus on value-added tasks and overall total cost of ownership can be reduced by up to 80%.

3 Points Of Protection

web security

Web Security
Advanced cloud-based Internet security service that protects your data and devices, whether on-network or off.

endpoint security

Endpoint Security
Next generation endpoint protection from the cloud, securing your devices from malware, and enforcing application policies.

email security

Email Security
Eliminates spam, provides a clean email connection and secures against malware and leakage of sensitive data.

Easy To Implement

Simply direct all Internet traffic to and from an enterprise device to iSheriff. This includes every byte of network traffic, including SSL-encrypted sessions. iSheriff’s cloud-security data center resources are then applied to scan, filter and test the traffic in real time for threats and compliance. More devices, new users, or new policies can be added with the click of a button. There is no hardware to purchase or configure, no software to maintain, and no upgrade cycles to manage.

Easy To Get Up And Running

You can trial the service before subscribing and generate initial reports to better understand your own requirements and evaluate iSheriff’s benefits. During your trial, full reporting services are provided to help you learn what is going on with your enterprise devices and understand all that iSheriff has to offer. There is no obligation to subscribe post-trial, and it is quick and easy to disconnect the iSheriff service if you do not wish to continue

Why Do I Need iSheriff Cloud Security?

Securing your organization from threats should be simple yet robust. With the increasing amount of malware, more sophisticated security threats, and increasingly complex security solutions, IT administrators face a daunting task in managing security.

In addition, the growth of malware through the web and email has resulted in IT administrators having to manage multiple security products and multiple security policies. Organizations also have to contend with complex legal compliance requirements for the protection of private information, and employer obligations to ensure employees have a safe and productive working environment, free of offensive and malicious content.

iSheriff provides a simple, integrated, cloud-based security solution for endpoint, Web and email protection with the fast deployment, ease-of-use and cost efficiencies that IT has been demanding.

Top 6 Reason To Choose iSheriff Cloud Security

  • Multi-layered Security
    iSheriff is the only cloud-based security solution in the market to provide advanced endpoint, Web and email security with an integrated management console and a robust and highly flexible single policy engine
  • Remote User Protection
    iSheriff Cloud Security protects all users irrespective of location – corporate or remote office or airport or home – by applying and enforcing your policies across users anywhere in the world
  • Rapid Deployment & Simple Administration
    Connect to the cloud service and you’re immediately up and running. No tedious upgrades, no maintenance requirements: you always have the latest and best protection
  • No Upfront Expenditure & Predictable Costs
    No additional hardware or IT staff training. iSheriff’s simple subscription fee fits into any budget and makes maintenance costs predictable
  • Scalable & Proven
    You gain the benefit of enterprise-scale email and web security infrastructure through iSheriff’s global data center network. Over 900 points of presence enable world-wide user access and roaming
  • The Experts Work For You
    Your endpoint, email, Web traffic is monitored 24/7 by Internet security experts and modeled against other networks to detect traffic anomalies. Maintenance and upgrades are managed via the cloud with no need to retouch every endpoint

Enhanced Security
Comprehensive Security In A Single Solution Multi-layered protection, integrating endpoint anti-malware, secure Web filtering and email protection to block complex threats
Advanced Endpoint Security Protection from the latest Viruses, Spyware, Trojans, and other malware
Flexible Application Controls Create and enforce policies for which applications are permitted to be used by specific user profiles
Simple And Effective Web Security Secure against malware spreading through HTTP
Advanced Content Filtering Enforce acceptable use policies and monitor and report on web content usage
Remote User Protection Secure corporate users and their data no matter where they are – in the office, at home or at an airport
Email Protection Protect employees from spam, phishing emails, and blended threats
Data Loss Prevention Enforce data protection policies to prevent certain files types from being transmitted out of the company or from being downloaded through Web or email to an endpoint
Integrated Policy Engine Administrators need to set up only one policy to protect endpoints, email and Web Traffic
Multi-platform Support Support for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems to ensure security coverage for most common platforms
Multiple Anti-malware Engines Multiple award winning anti-malware engines for Web, email and endpoint security provide multi-layered and superior protection against today’s threats

Simplified Security Management
Cloud-based Management Console Single cloud based console to manage endpoint, Web, and email security. Administrators no longer need to maintain and manage multiple security products
Simple Setup And Quick Deployment IT Administrators just need to login to the cloud console to start using the product. There is no tedious installation required. The single policy engine, user based policy enforcement and integration with all major directory services makes deployment simple and straightforward
Informative Dashboards Easy monitoring and tracking of key metrics and information related to Web, email, and endpoint security. Additional information such as bandwidth usage and top file types help administrators fine tune security policies
Granular Reporting Comprehensive and configurable reports give visibility into all events and user level activity to administrators
Lower Total Cost Of Ownership iSheriff’s cloud-based product and simple subscription model enable administrators to avoid any upfront software licensing costs, hardware procurement & maintenance costs, and IT personnel & training costs.
24 X 7 SUPPORT You can rest assured that iSheriff’s support organization is available round the clock to assist with any questions

Threat Trends


  • Over 60,000 new pieces of malware are released daily, and over 75 million unique threats are currently in the wild
  • The primary motivation behind malware is cybercrime, and its resultant costs are growing at over 400% annually
  • Cybercriminals enjoy relative impunity due to low barriers of entry and commercially available malware kits
  • Malware is becoming increasingly sophisticated: from mass attacks that can rapidly infect millions of computers turning them into bots to do the attacker’s bidding, to “scareware” that intimidates victims into purchasing bogus malware-remediation solutions, to polymorphic malware that constantly changes – making detection and blocking highly challenging, to banking Trojans designed to steal credentials
  • Targeted Attacks such as Advanced Persistent Threats are especially dangerous: targeted at a particular organization or even specific employees, they utilize multi-vector attacks across Web and email in conjunction with zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Threats can remain undetected for weeks or months, enabling criminals to steal sensitive corporate data and wreak financial havoc
  • Infection has significant costs: from IT time spent remediating the attached, to lost data, valuable Intellectual Property and damage to the targeted organization’s reputation

Web Threats

  • Over 85% of all threats are coming through the Web
  • More than 6,000 Websites are infected with malware every day, and over 50% of the top daily search terms lead to infected sites – many of which are legitimate sites that have become infected, rendering legacy black-list URL categorization and IP Reputation detection practically useless
  • Web 2.0 and Social Media sites can be sources of new attack techniques such as like-jacking or photo-tagging to malicious applications and links, often spoofed to appear to be coming from contacts within your own trusted network

Email Threats

  • Over 75% of email is spam, consuming corporate bandwidth and requiring continual upgrades to network spending and email storage capacity
  • Over 50% of malicious spam is blended attacks that are designed to trick recipients into clicking on a URL linking to a malicious Web page
  • Spam volumes will continue to increase, driven by botnet growth and spammers’ efforts to overcome anti-spam technologies

iSheriff Security Specialists

At iSheriff, our commitment to our customers is the driving force behind everything we do. That’s why iSheriff goes beyond the standard customer service functions at competitive companies by assigning a designated Security Specialist to you.

iSheriff is the only cloud-based security company that provides a trained, knowledgeable single point of contact whose job is to guide you and keep you informed about the best ways to protect your most critical asset, your data.

Our Security Specialists provide an additional layer of service and support. They are trained to advise you in this new era of cybercrime, and they are dedicated to both customers and partners based on your locations.

Your Security Specialists Can:

  • Design a security solution customized to meet the needs of your business
  • Provide full security assessments as well as demos and trials of our solutions
  • Engage and manage any tech support, license or account management questions
  • Provide the latest info on current threats
  • Help select the right channel partner for your specific needs
  • Provide you with the highest levels of personal service in the industry
  • Develop a Cloud Security Strategy
  • Share Product Road Maps and Future Release schedules
  • Provide competitive pricing , references and Free Trial copies upon request

Features and Benefits:

Content Filtering
Dynamically protects your network and devices against security threats and ensures your users comply with acceptable use policies.

Security & Compliance Reporting
Extensive and easy to understand canned reports and graphs, in addition to granular and customizable forensic reporting.

Application Control
Control access to, and usage of, Web 2.0 applications including social networking, streaming media and Web-based communications.

Policy Enforcement
Block pornography, violence, hate speech and other inappropriate Web content.

Data Leakage Prevention
Control the distribution of sensitive data or private information and control who can upload important files or post sensitive content online.

Anti-malware Security
Sophisticated dynamic anomaly detection, file inspection and traffic modeling to protect your organization from advanced threats.

Bandwidth Control
Manage your Internet bandwidth consumption and control unnecessary or non-business use.

Directory Integration
Simple integration with major directory services, such as Active Directory, make it easy to set up and maintain user accounts and authentication.


How Does iSheriff Compare?

  iSheriff Cloud Security Appliances / Point Products
Protects you against viruses, spyware, malware and other online attacks
Out-performs the competition confirmed by independent, head-to-head tests
Enables you to add more devices through an easy-to-use web portal
Protects the three most common threat vectors in a single easy to use interface
Gives users the same protection and experience in and out of the office, and around the globe
Lower Total Cost of Ownership with no hardware to maintain, or change controls to manage
No up-front capital expenditure means that protection and security are an operating expense
Protection at the cloud level, with instantaneous updates of all observed threats
Capacity automatically increases with demand


Download the iSheriff Cloud Security Datasheet (PDF).


iSheriff Products
iSheriff Cloud Security
iSheriff Cloud Security
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