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Security Made Easy
provides advanced multi-layered threat protection


iSheriff’s cloud-based security is the simplest and most cost-effective way to protect your data and devices from digital threats. Delivered as a continuously updated cloud service that is easy to deploy and manage from a single pane-of-glass console, iSheriff provides advanced multi-layered threat protection to keep your organization secure.

Easy To Deploy

Connect to the iSheriff cloud security service and you’re immediately up and running. No tedious upgrades, no costly maintenance; you always have the latest and best protection. The iSheriff service provides protection across all major device operating systems and form factors, to ensure that your data and devices are fully protected at all times.

Easy To Use

Traditional security approaches require multiple point products, often from multiple vendors, each with its' own policy environment, dashboard and reports. This creates a “security stovepipe” problem, leading to confusion and/or alert overload – both of which result in poor security visibility across the enterprise. iSheriff provides a single, cloud-based, integrated console that delivers complete visibility through a single "pane-of-glass" – not only reducing complexity, but significantly improving overall security visibility as a result.

Easy To Block Advanced Threats

The old signature-based approach to anti-malware is no longer sufficient to detect and block today's advanced and emerging threats. The iSheriff cloud network utilizes advanced "big data" threat correlation to detect anomalies across your network, users and devices in real-time. Unlike other products that attempt only to identify threats, the iSheriff cloud takes the next step to immediately update policy to block and remediate threats in the cloud, before they can reach you.

Easy To Enforce Policy

A by-product of traditional stove-piped security is the inevitable gaps that occur between security policies – gaps that cyber-criminals are well aware of and can easily take advantage of. iSheriff offers a fully integrated cloud-based policy environment that not only saves you time, but substantially improves your security posture by eliminating potential gaps.

Easy To Secure Off-network Users

The iSheriff cloud security service delivers protection and enforces policy at all times. There is no gap in protection when users leave the corporate network, and no waiting for updates or patches. The iSheriff cloud network spans the globe, with 25 data centers and over 1,000 points of access to our global backbone. This means that your users enjoy great protection and high performance wherever they may be around the world.

Features and Benefits:

"Big Data" Security Analytics

iSheriff is pioneering a new approach to security, that detects anomalies across your network, users and devices in real-time.

Point Product Proliferation

With no hardware or complex administration required, iSheriff delivers dramatically superior total cost of ownership compared to legacy on-premise solutions.

Global Network

iSheriff operates the world’s largest cloud security network, comprising 25 data centers that ensure global redundancy and scalability.

Rapid Deployment

Connect to the iSheriff cloud service and you’re immediately up and running.

Comprehensive Reporting

iSheriff Cloud Security provides a comprehensive set of reports, all of which are fully customizable to your specific needs.

Rapid ROI

iSheriff's ease of deployment, unified content and application policies and simplicity of management provides you with more time to focus on your business.