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iSheriff Cloud-based Security
Security Made Easy

iSheriff Cloud Security

iSheriff Cloud Security

iSheriff’s cloud-based security is the simplest and most cost-effective way to protect your data and devices from digital threats, whether on-network or off.

web security

Web Security
Advanced cloud-based Internet security service that protects your data and devices, whether on-network or off.

endpoint security

Endpoint Security
Next generation endpoint protection from the cloud, securing your devices from malware, and enforcing application policies.

email security

Email Security
Eliminates spam, provides a clean email connection and secures against malware and leakage of sensitive data.

Security Made Easy
iSheriff’s cloud-based security is the simplest and most cost-effective way to protect your data and devices from digital threats. Delivered as a continuously updated cloud service that is easy to deploy and manage from a single pane-of-glass console, iSheriff provides advanced multi-layered threat protection to keep your organization secure.

"Big Data" Security Analytics
Our cloud network provides an unparalleled vantage point from which to detect emerging threats during their "launch phase", correlating behavior across multiple attack vectors to ensure that they are blocked before they can affect your network or devices. The iSheriff cloud network uses a proprietary "big data" engine to correlate behavior and events across the globe in real-time to determine where cyber-criminals are attempting to deploy exploits, infect devices and steal data.

Reduce Complexity
We dramatically reduce security complexity through single pane-of-glass visibility, a single policy environment and an integrated platform, with no point products to manage. With no hardware or complex administration required, iSheriff delivers dramatically superior total cost of ownership compared to legacy on-premise solutions.

Global Cloud Network
iSheriff operates the world’s largest cloud security network, comprising 35 data centers that ensure global redundancy and scalability. Customers can select the regions where their policies and log data are stored, to enable compliance with local data privacy regulations.

Rapid Deployment
Connect to the iSheriff cloud service and you’re immediately up and running. No tedious upgrades, no costly maintenance; you always have the latest and best protection.

Comprehensive Reporting
iSheriff cloud-based security platform provides a comprehensive set of reports which are fully customizable to your specific needs. Whether you’re tracking a malware attack or investigating user activity, iSheriff enables you to rapidly drill into the information you need.

Rapid ROI
iSheriff security services are delivered through the cloud, meaning there is no hardware to buy or maintain, and no complex software to install. This cloud-based approach significantly lowers the overall cost compared to legacy solutions. iSheriff's simplified management, ease of deployment, unified content and application policies will provide you with more time to focus on your business.